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BenTech Solutions, Inc.
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BenTech Solutions, Inc., a California corporation specializing in the Information Systems Consulting market place, provides consulting services to companies located in the State of California. Founded in 1997 by Ben and Raisa Gertsberg, BenTech Solutions has been an integral part of the growing information technology independent consulting industry through highly professional business practices which are appreciated by both our clients and technology solutions providers.

The company was established with a clear goal to utilize over 40 years of experience in information technology to benefit our clients information systems areas where the utilization of high quality information systems consulting professionals would provide a practical contribution to business growth, stability, effectiveness and competitiveness. 

By focusing on both technical and professional excellence coupled with an ongoing commitment to customer service, we established a reputation for quality, integrity, and excellence in both the conduct and contribution of our consultants, as well as the methods used in our consulting and business practices.


Our Mission

BenTech Solutions provides high quality Information Technology Consulting services and is dedicated to performing these functions in a professional and ethical manner, building on a history of positive, effective business practices.



ERP, SCM, SCE, WMS, 3PL, e-Commerce, EDI, B2B, B2C, Software Localization for Distribution, Manufacturing, Technology, Healthcare Insurance, Automotive, Consumer Goods industries.


IT subject matter expert, strategic planning participant and input resource to the Executive Team; Systems and Applications Architecture; Leading all aspects of IT Applications and Systems selection, acquisition, implementation and upgrades including but not limited to off-the-shelf application commercial software, EDI and e-commerce solutions as well as any necessary integration, application and report development in support of current business operations and strategic business initiatives; advising on and participating in Technology Vendors selection and engagement; advising on customers and business partners e-commerce solutions; IT management; IT program and project management; IT personnel selection, development, training and mentoring in effort of building and strengthening of IT teams; leading employees technology training.


"I was, and still am, impressed with Ben's professionalism, technical knowledge base and his strong desire to do the job right. Ben is a unique IT professional who can direct technical staff and yet communicate with the business, executives and investors in their business terms. Additionally, Ben has an innate ability to see the possibilities that technology can provide and he has a proven success record translating these into powerful, integrated systems to the benefit of the companies where he has worked. Ben is a natural leader and a hard worker with incontestable integrity. Ben and I have work on and off together for more than 15 years and I'm proud to call him a colleague and personal friend."

David Leachman, Director IT, PacifiCare Health Systems


“Ben demonstrated a penchant for software quality and productivity second to none. I have worked with many professionals in my career but remember Ben as a professional that others aspired to be. He consistently challenged the status quo and strived for efficient and productive production systems. His dedication to his profession was exhibited daily. His peers looked up to him as a mentor and he was more than willing to consult with them. His managerial skill set was one of collaboration and team building which did well when the issues of an R & D project arose in developed. It was a pleasure to have been associated with such an honorable and dedicated individual.”

Neil Hastie, Director IT, Fel-Pro, Inc.


“I had the honor to work with Ben on Leg Avenue upgrade and enhancement of their Microsoft Dynamics Accounting System. Leg Avenue was behind in their upgrade and infrastructure plus staff was not using the system due to trying to maintain support and training internally. Ben was a master of bringing all parties together, moving the system into the latest version and structured training to maximize usage of the system. Working with Ben was a great experience and I'd highly recommend him for his ability and knowledge of systems plus working with people.”

Floyd Riggle, Sr. Consultant, Collins Computing


“Ben is an experienced IT professional who supported the Leg Avenue Sales department with creative technical solutions. He is adept at implementing management systems with a careful eye on security and compliance.”

Manuel Da Campo, Vice President, Leg Avenue, Inc.


“Ben handled a very difficult transition as Leg Avenue built out the infrastructure for our growing company. He got us through a significant upgrade in our ERP system without any major complications and helped us build out our IT team.”

David Schnider, General Counsel, Leg Avenue, Inc.


“I had the opportunity to work with Ben during a B2B project SPS Commerce and Leg Avenue were implementing. Ben is focused, detailed, and cognizant in all areas of projects and tasks. He is always well informed and never fails to support his peers or subordinates. He doesn't miss anything and working through the structure made him a pleasure to work with.”

Sam Raymakers, Account Executive, SPS Commerce